Some background to ‘flattening the structure’

In the industrial revolution and mass manufacturing era, companies operated with lots of workers doing remedial tasks.

We had hundreds of people doing atomic jobs and funneling up progress & information up the ladder.

After information consolidating across many hierarchical structures, ‘management’ took decisions and sent instructions down the corporate ladder

In the internet age, we don’t have much remedial work left in many places & the speed of operation has phenomenally increased

Workers have been replaced with ‘knowledge workers’

OR ‘Smart creatives’ who are tech savvy, business savvy and are closest to the ground reality

Therefore decisions should not be made at the top, rather by the engineers closest to the situation

Which renders no need to ‘manage’ people and take decisions for engineers, rather just ’empower’ the engineers to take decisions.

Hence the necessity of flatter org hierarchies and Servant leadership

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