Enhance quality practices & develop team skills 

Not sure if your quality practices are a step in the right direction ? Or how mature your existing practices are and what needs to improve? These are common questions which can be trick to answer.
To develop the right strategic vision or ways of working, we help teams by giving background into the how and why along with exercises and practical examples to help illustrate the concepts.
Engaging illustrations of foundation building concepts
Group exercises to practice learnings
Quiz to test knowledge and  identify areas to bruch up on
Assignments to get hands on experience delivering value in the team
Reference material to keep key learnings handy
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Automation Frameworks

Build automation frameworks & up-skill teams to maintain them

DevOps & continuous testing require CI/CD enablers and test automation framework foundations. A challenge most teams face is developing the needed automation enablers and frameworks to support their growth initiatives. Lack of well structured automation frameworks creates a lot of rework & reduces effectiveness of automation.
We help teams with deciding on the best tools & libraries to use according to your product tech stack and building maintainable, robust, reusable, scalable automation frameworks and enablers which they can themselves enhance and maintain.
Develop boiler plate framework with commonly used components
Extensive workshop to explain framework to the team
Train on design principles used for building the framework
Mentor engineers to enhance the framework as needed
Guide team to effective usage and practices to benefit from automation
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Benefit from technical leadership

Envisioning the ideal target state of your quality journey and transforming the ways of working & building enablers require technical expertise and leadership. If you are struggling to find such skill sets we can help you out.
Depending on how far you are in your journey towards Continuous testing & DevOps practices & enablers, you can choose from different engagement options to opt something suitable to your needs.
Build your quality strategic vision to drive transformation
Get guidance to challenges from industry thought leaders
Consistent technical support to drive value from automation  
Transform your teams into productivity machines
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