Technological changes in the software industry have led to a steady evolution in the discipline of Quality Assurance. Advancement in testing practices is now focused more towards efficiency and keeping up with changes in the market. New testing dimensions have been added. The modes of engagement are changing with the advent of newer platforms. Software development methodologies are transforming with respect to the market’s needs. We understand the needs of software providers and are equipped with the tools and experience to keep up with the challenge.

Ali Khalid
Ali KhalidLead Automation Engineer
In love with advancing the craft of automation. Occasional speaker at podcasts, meetups and trainer on automation framework development. Over a decade had the exposure to multiple testing techniques and management opportunities, now I focus on passing on the favor, sharing what I learned and enhancing the art of testing.
Ehsen Raza
Ehsen RazaLead Automation Engineer
Ehsen has 10+ years of professional experience in Software Quality Assurance domain with strong automation background, dealing with multinational corporations from the American, European and Middle East markets. Over the years he developed skills in different types of development models, testing techniques, safety & security approvals and project management artifacts. He also wrote few white papers as he discovered few new techniques in source code validation.
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