About the course

Often automation scripts are not leveraged by the organization and are working in a silo. This also prevents teams from creating a DevOps culture.

This course gives automation engineers a holistic view of continuous testing, it’s benefits and an in-depth understanding of how to Jenkins to implement it.

Course content


  • The evolution of software development and how DevOps came to existence
  • Continuous Integration
    • What is it, why is it important and It’s implementation in simple terms
  • Introduction to continuous testing
    • From once a few months regression to continuous testing
    • How it fits in the big picture
    • The magic of continuous testing
  • Automation in test
    • Plugging automation into the CI pipeline


  • Introduction and history of Jenkins and what problem it solves
  • Basic components of Jenkins and their interaction
  • Knowing your requirements
  • Setup and preparing your Jenkins server
  • Introduction to Jobs
    • Jobs and the big picture
    • Basic steps in every job
  • Preparing pre-requisites
    • Installations for package managers, source control tools and
  • Freestyle jobs
    • Source control integration
    • Building and deploying your AUT
    • Deploying automation tests
    • Running tests
    • Gathering reports
  • Troubleshooting and managing Jenkins
    • Jenkins and console log
    • Jenkins configurations
  • Additional steps with Pipeline jobs
    • Creating a pipeline job with all the above steps
    • Changing directories
    • Pipeline stages
    • Triggering builds
    • Configuring emails
    • Notifications
  • Test results
    • Consolidating results
    • Good to have reporting plugins
  • Creating agent nodes
    • What are they and why are they needed
    • Options to use for agent nodes
    • Setting up sample agent nodes and different ways to do it
    • Managing agent nodes on Jenkins server
  • Advances concepts
    • Stashing
    • Code coverage tools

Course duration

18 hours


Target audience

Folks who have reached a certain stage in their automation and now want to make their test results more usable and accessible to the larger group

Pre-requisite knowledge

  • Basic pre-reqs:
    • Reasonable exposure to automation
  • Additional good to have:
    • Have started working on Jenkins and need some help

Take Aways

  • Understand the importance of continuous testing
  • How to implement it’s execution and scheduling using Jenkins
  • Learn to leverage Jenkins to make automation scripts and results widely accessible throughout the organization