About the course

Writing a script to do perform basic browser automation is simple. Creating a holistic framework managing and running all aspects of the automation project is not so easy, and is far more important and valuable.

Participants will learn to become an expert at writing an automation framework using TestComplete. Concepts and strategies learned here will take their programming aptitude and exposure to the next level which can be used in any automation project here on.

Automation fundamental courses have to be completed before this course. This course is taught in conjunction with ‘Pillars of automation framework design’ course

Course content

  • Introduction to layered architecture
    • What is it, with examples
    • Why do it and
    • How to design it in TestComplete
  • Test cases layer
    • Purpose
    • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Page Object Model
    • What is it, with examples
    • Why do it and
    • How to design it for Selenium
  • Test data management
    • Data creation / deletion techniques and works best for you
    • Test data storage techniques
  • Logging and reporting
    • Importance of logging
    • What should be part of your log
    • What NOT be a part of your log
    • Different logging and reporting tools we can use
  • Exception handling and advanced synchronization
    • Mastering delays using TestComplete’s library
    • Exception handling techniques
    • Fail safes
  • Using AUT’s methods
    • Using JavaScript, Jquery and your AUT’s methods to enhance the framework’s reach
  • Source Control
    • Best practices to use source control tools with TestComplete
  • Revisit pillars of framework design and match with our framework

Course duration

18 hours


Target audience

  • Have been working with TestComplete and are tired of fixing flakiness issues
  • Are not satisfied with the code base they have developed
  • Are not getting results from automation project

Pre-requisite knowledge

  • Basic pre-reqs:
    • Experience of working with TestComplete for at least 1 year
  • Additional good to have:
    • Have attempted at developing automation frameworks but were not up to mark

Take Aways

  • Learn to do UI automation like a pro.
  • Learn to practically implement the pillars of automation framework design with TestComplete