Podcast – TestTalks

Discover how to automate embedded, SaaS and ERP systems, so prepare to learn some useful tips and best practices as we Test Talk with Ali Khalid, a test automation expert and enthusiast who has a ton of consulting experience working with all kinds of automation projects.


Automation Framework Design Training

Test automation framework design training sessions in 2015, went over different aspects of developing an automation framework. While the overall program included training of multiple aspects using TestComplete as the automation tool, the framework development section was designed to be applicable to any tool. Main training contents included Why an automation framework is needed,  Planning to develop your framework, Developing framework architecture, and Highly desirable framework characteristics.

Tester’s Meetup – 2016

In efforts to gather and organize the testing community in Lahore a couple of tester’s meetups have been organized this year. The few things I shared and learned from the event are up for the readers.

For my group I decided to moderate the discussion on ‘considerations in developing an automation framework’. Instead of a presentation on the topic, the event was organized more towards group discussions where everyone could participate. Following are the few main ideas discussed. Each topic is in itself is an extensive discussion, the very jist of all were talked about in the 40 minutes we had.

Project Management Paper Publication

IS Project Escalation: A Case Study of Off-shore Development

It is not a very odd thing for Information System projects to go over budget. Furthermore these projects can reach a point where the cost of the project has surpassed the expected utility, where still investment keeps on going. The phenomenon is known as project escalation. Researchers have identified what are the possible causes of a project to escalate. Apart from some fundamental points, there is variation in the total sum of all forces acting upon the project management team. As the research has evolved, it is understood factors from inside the company are playing an important role such as culture.