What is a PR pipeline?

PR (Pull request) pipeline is a CI pipeline to run tests on EVERY pull request.

Let me explain the terms in there:

– CI : Continuous Integration – term used to run jobs to merge code, deploy code, run automated tests and give alerts.

– CI pipeline: A group of CI jobs stringed together to complete a set of activities on any event trigger

– Pull Request : A term used by Git users when an engineer has created some new code on his feature branch and raises a request to merge his / her code with the master branch

– Tests on PR : Tests running on every PR have to be very quick and localized since the application is not deployed at this stage.

Let’s repeat, what’s a PR pipeline?

Tasks & activities that run once an engineer raises a Pull request.

For more details on which tests can run on a PR pipeline refer blog post on #DTMS (link in comments).

Also doing we webinar on #DTSM, again link in comments.

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