So these are the basic steps an automation tool does:

Wait, Find, Action – Repeat..

(Still thinking / exploring a cool name for this)

“Wait”  for the AUT and automation tool to be in sync, and the object loaded and ready to interact with

“Find”  OnLy the ‘Desired’ object “ALWAYS”

“Action”  should be compatible with supported browsers / environments and handling the usual errors (delete previous text in text field etc.)

What I really wanted to talk about today were delays (wait). I hope most people reading know this, but it’s too important so I’ll repeat

First we established how important delays are, there 1/3rd of the whole automation! (in a way)

Second, here are my “object delay rules”:

1. Have a delay BEFORE interacting with ANY object “ALWAYS”

2. NEVER use a static delay, ALWAYS a dynamic delay

3. Check for not just if the object is visible, is it READY to interact with? *

If you do these three things with delays, you should be fine

* Exceptions are always there, but they should be the “exception”..

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