“Testing IS a technical skill”, if there is no code involved, does not mean it’s not technical..

There are two extremes, one says testing is a mystical unique art which you are born with, either you have it or not

The other extreme says it’s not really a skill, it’s more of a chore you do, no learning required

IMHO both ends of the spectrum are wrong, it’s a technical skill which MUST be LEARNED and EXPERIENCED in (I call this #TestingAcumen).

So, if your a developer and will be involved in testing activities: testing is a skill you have to LEARN and PRACTICE, you don’t just wing it.

And for testers, more than half of them I meet are horrible at testing. If you’r a tester, just having ‘tester’ in the title does not mean you might be good at testing.

Testing is not an innate gift you were born with. It’s again a skill you have to lean & practice.

I’m all for agile transformation, that’s what I do on a daily basis, but not building your team’s testing skill and hoping your CI/CD is going to do some AutoMagic is a fallacy..

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