A key ingredient in my observation for evolution in technology:

A standard platform, here’s why

When a new technology emerges, it takes more than a few people to evolve it

A very large group of people collectively working with it helps in pushing boundaries

Take the PC for example, having a standardized OS on PC (Windows) was one of the main causes that fueled advancement in software development

On the other and, embedded devices (IoT) has been out there around since the PC, but we are far behind there

Embedded platforms were very fragmented and challenging to develop, therefore layers of abstraction were not built there as rapidly

Only in recent years we have seen things like Raspberry pi and so on

The same would go for automation, having a standard platform and building layers of abstraction on top of it would make the difference

The same way standardized JavaScript execution on all browsers has fueled front end platforms like Angular, Sencha and so on.




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