Regression testing is not a phase in SDLC (at least not anymore)

Regression should be happening at multiple levels across the development process.

In a waterfallish setup, you’d typically have a few days where teams try to execute all ‘regression’ test cases

While there are a lot of things wrong with that picture, I want to focus only on what we call ‘regression testing’

In simple terms, all functionality we want to check & see if it’s still working after changes we’ve made – that’s regression.

In a DevOps culture, there should be decent automation in place, at unit, integration & System integration level.

All these automated tests are ALSO REGRESSION. Yes, a unit test which is important for us to ‘regress’ on is regression. I don’t know how come UI tests became synonymous with regression.

So holding on to that behemoth set of test cases which are supposed to be run ‘just before release’ is not efficient

And if that’s happening in your team, I wouldn’t be surprised if testing is considered a bottleneck.

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