The importance of leadership and believe in their vision

A lesson I was reminded of in the orientation today

In a presentation we went through the history of Dubai and achievements of the Emirates Airline

Born and raised in the Emirates, listening about it’s history from it’s elders, I’ve always had tremendous respect for the founders and specially Sheikh Muhammad.

The best line I felt was when he founded Emirates Airline while handing over initial capital for setting up and said something along the lines:

‘You should be self-sufficient, don’t ever ask for more again’, and to my knowledge the airline never had to..

The man had such a great vision, determination and conviction.

I’ve heard people say, “When money talks, bull***t walks”,

There are many other countries with massive wealth but are not successful.

It’s not just finances, having a vision and conviction to get it done is far more valuable.

As a reminder for myself and the reader, have GRAND visions, 10x your goals,

And then believe in them as they were the past, “UNSHAKABLE CONVICTION”.

IMHO this is the greatest recipe to success.

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