Is there a proper way of fixing bugs?

Yes – Fix them AT THE SOURCE

I’ve noticed many times engineers lacking simple understanding of ‘due to which design flaw’ a bug is coming up

And as we humans commonly do, engineers try to fix the ‘symptom’ not the problem.

Let me explain:

A new field introduced in a form on a web page. This data is used by this application, also this data is fed into other applications.

Now our new field here is one big text area, where users are expected to enter let’s say name and phone number.

Naturally every person will write the values in a different order & different formats, which will lead to complications for applications using this.

Now to handle the varied type of inputs we can get, engineers spend time trying to build Regex to ‘extract’ the name & phone numbers. – This to me is suppressing the symptom

The thing to fix is – break that giant field down into first & last names and phone number fields separately with field validations..

This might seem very obvious, you’d be surprised how many times we get this wrong..

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