Evolution in automation didn’t start just few years ago.

It’s been around for decades and here’s a crude synopsis:

> 1980’s: computers found their way into businesses.

> 1985: First wave of automation tools started.

> 1990’s – Advent of GUI bases OS like Windows 3.0, UI based automation tools start to pop up.

> 1995 onwards: In the race to dominate the UI automation market, eventually WinRunner dominated.

> Around 2000: New technologies like Java jump in; web takes off. New paradigm shift, from desktop to web.

> Around 2004: First version of Selenium RC introduced.

> Around 2005: WinRunner becomes QTP after the acquisition by HP.

> Web has built a lot of momentum, big push to support web UI automation started.

> 2007: Selenium Webdriver’s first version launched.

> 2007 – 2008: iOS v1.0.x released, Android v1.0 released, Mobile is born.

> 2008: Cucumber is introduced.

> 2009: Mike Cohn introduces the Automation Pyramid.

> 2014: Appium v1.0 is launched.

> Meanwhile mobile has taken off, cloud computing is picking momentum and CI/CD is spreading in the backdrop.

> 2016: Jenkins 2.0 released.

> 2018: Docker CE is launched.

* Dates are BALLPARK VALUES, just to give a crude timeline

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