“Within 6 months we’ll automate the testing”..

A goal one of the prospective client’s had for me, you can guess what happened next..

I understand that was a way to sell automation to management for budget approval, but was a horribly wrong statement

I’m glad to announce I never agreed to the crazy plan

The root of all this, IMHO, lies in misunderstanding what testing is

The idea of ‘testing’ being automated is impossible, unless we can create ‘Autobots’ or ‘Desepticons’!

‘Testing’ is a process of thinking, communicating with people, strategizing and continually adapting

We don’t have sophisticated enough systems to do that right now, and not sure when we will reach there if ever

But then how do you convince management that automation benefits everyone?

Here are my thoughts on calculating automation ROI:

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Does Automation Save Money?