Algorithm design aptitude – IMHO second most important ingredient for an SDET / Engineer

My definition algorithm design aptitude: Ability to design a complex solution using small building blocks.

And to do this, you don’t have to start with Java. The first language I learned in high school was HTML & CSS.

I learned how to find small building blocks, connect them and create a solution.

Those fundamental lessons I used everywhere – at Uni in my engineering, on job in test automation, testing, web development, big data, you name it.

And this is what I teach and stress upcoming engineers / SDETs to learn – languages will come and go, tools pop like mushrooms all over

What will stay with you, and help you through all of that – ability to visualize & design solutions using existing small building blocks..

Oh, and by the way – We all do have an aptitude to design things – we just need to learn to harness it.