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Our Story

After spending more than a decade in the testing industry, we feel software testing can be improved.

By Technological excellence – Testing software from the inside out
By Testing acumen – Creative and practical testing thought processes
By Business value – Tangible results to the bottom line

We learn, research and teach these values and look forward to collaborate with you on them.

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What is Compatibility Testing

By | August 7th, 2018|

How to do Compatibility Testing?

Wrong question, first let’s talk WHY compatibility testing.

We all know it’s meant to test our AUT’s UI on different front-end platforms (browsers, devices, OS etc.)

But it’s paramount to understand what creates the difference when running on different […]

Jenkins just for Automation

By | August 6th, 2018|

Jenkins benefits even if you are not using a CI process,

Having the collective results in one place has a lot of advantages

Can get results from different tools (might be using separate ones for UI, API and unit level) in one place

Even […]

Evolution in Automation

By | August 5th, 2018|

Evolution in automation didn’t start just few years ago.

It’s been around for decades and here’s a crude synopsis:

> 1980’s: computers found their way into businesses.

> 1985: First wave of automation tools started.

> 1990’s – Advent of GUI bases OS like Windows […]

Automation ROI

By | August 3rd, 2018|

Automation ROI calculation

It’s not about calculating man hours saved

While automation has a lot of benefits,

Equating time spent by a tester to a machine running the test is not accurate.

Most people (including myself in the past) calculate automation ROI by man hours […]

Learning API automation

By | August 2nd, 2018|

How to learn API automation?

I’d follow the following steps:


Don’t start with instaling an API automation tool


Do NOT START with installing an API automation tool, learn what are API’s first then think about tools.


Understanding how APIs / the HTTP request / response […]

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