The software quality assurance industry in general has been dragging along rest of the software industry. The formation of quality spectrum is to research and enhance testing practices. This book is a step in that direction, creating effective and efficient automation initiatives enhancing testing efforts for software product.

Why another automation blog?

There are many great ones out there, some we love to read and comment on. I find navigating these blogs really cumbersome. The relationships between posts are hard to find out. That’s where the idea of a “Blog Book” came in, a term for the post part seems we at Quality Spectrum have coined. Instead of just a blog, all posts collectively form a book like structure. Making navigation and getting a general sense of the topics discussed easier for the reader to digest.

Secondly, we intend to make this a community of people pooling in, fast forwarding the speed of ‘automation acumen’.

About the Authors

Ali Khalid and Ehsen Raza

Contributing to the blog

Add comments, we are still trying to refine the details. Eventually we hope thought leaders in our industry will help us evolve the automation spectrum.