About QS Academy

Quality Spectrum Academy is an initiative I wanted to start since inception. The purpose was to give back to the community and further the evolve this great field of testing and automation. These courses are the first step in that initiative.

No one can deny the importance of testing and automation in software development and the impact they ‘can’ have. However, I feel sometimes the return on investment, especially with automation, is not what it should be. While there are many factors behind this, A very common and strong one is to not understand the ‘why’ FIRST. Many times we start automation and then start talking about what are we supposed to achieve from this.

These courses are meant to fill that void and help new people to learn the WHY and other fundamental concepts right the first time.

Training Methodology

Over the years on my own learning journey I realized some areas which were not emphasized as much during trainings and made things difficult for me to learn. Also, my colleagues would struggle and for them too I found many times the content structure was perhaps not the best missing out on fundamentals. I could feel the need for teaching technical skills in a very simple and easy to understand terms

I make it a point to first talk about the process of evolution through which the industry went to understand the reason why things are done in a specific way. Secondly most testers don’t come from a very strong technical background and are proficient with programming concepts, covering that gap early on is fundamental to success.

Courses are delivered in person to facilitate the one to one interaction. However, depending on your organizational needs, the delivery and contents can be adjusted.

Contact at info@quality-spectrum.com for more details and price quotes.

Trainings and Workshops

Course title Brief summary Target Audience Duration Link
Basics of a Technical Tester Builds basics about the technology stack and details of relevant areas essential for learning automation and enhance testing skills Want to learn automation or progress their career 6 hours Course content
Introduction to Programming and Java Develop the core muscle used in programming – how to think and design algorithms, and learn Java fundamentals as well. Testers / engineers wanting to get into automation or learn programming 12 hours Course content
Fundamentals of UI Automation Essentials to understand the environment in which the automation tools operate and a deep dive into the technologies automation tools interact with. Willing to learn automation who have limited technical exposure 6 hours Course content
Basics of Selenium With Java Starting from the basics of Selenium and learn to write basic scripts with emphasis on different locator strategies. Willing to learn Selenium with Java and little to no exposure in the past. 12 hours Course content
Pillars of Automation Framework design A deep dive into teaching good programming practices and how to design an automation framework. This is the most recommended course. For those who want to learn automation well and have the pre-requisites. 12 hours Course content
Automation framework design – Selenium with Java Following the design pillars course, here we will create a framework in Selenium built around the concepts learned, creating a very robust automation framework. For those who want to learn automation well using Selenium and have the pre-requisites. 18 hours Course content
Basics of TestComplete – Introduction Using TestComplete to script automated checks starting from very basics, deep understanding of the tool and some very useful features. Willing to use TestComplete for UI automation with no prior knowledge. 12 hours Course content
Automation Framework design – TestComplete with JavaScript Following the design pillars course, here we will create a framework in TestComplete built around the concepts learned, creating a very robust automation framework. For those who want to learn automation well using TestComplete and have the pre-requisites. 18 hours Course content
Continuous Testing using Jenkins A holistic view of continuous testing, it’s benefits and an in-depth understanding of how to use Jenkins to implement it. Folks who want to make their test results more usable and accessible to the larger group or implement DevOps 18 hours Course content

Companies and Testimonials

I really wanted to thank you for providing our team with an amazing learning experience. Appreciate your dedication and patience throughout. We wish to seek more guidance from you in the future as-well. The Team was of the view you should pursue teaching as your career in Future!

Maria Khan, Manager External Projects – QA

Got to know a lot of new things in a very short span of time. Understood the codes and basics very clearly, instead of just jumping to the code directly.

Training participant

I have heard great things about you and how professionally you conducted everything.  Thank you for taking the time out and training our young team. I hope they will take what they learned and continue to improve as professionals.

Mohsin Afzal, CEO - We R Play

Got to learn so many things which otherwise would never have! The way trainer was delivering the knowledge was one of the best things. And practical way of teaching was good!

Training participant

Things were made simpler to grasp that a person like me with not a CS background was able understand.

Training participant

Quality of slides and how they were made interactive with lessons learned and  addition of cartoons and images keep the interest intact.

Training participant

He was eloquent and easily delivered all his knowledge in a way that even complete beginners could catch up with things. He helped everyone with their confusions and questions

Training participant

You have been a great teacher. I wish you luck and success in the future. Keep up the good work!

Training participant