About the course

Before learning an automation tool, it’s essential to understand the environment in which the tool operate and a deep dive into the technologies automation tools interact with.

The course walks through the web browser and related technologies to familiarize participants how the automation tool interacts with the browser. Also some basic concepts in UI (web) automation to building the foundation for programs to come.

Course content

  • How browsers work, what are web pages made up of, how automation tools interact with browsers
  • Learning basics of HTML and design simple web pages
  • Introduction to the browser’s DOM
  • What is a library, an API and a framework
  • W3C Standard and its history
  • Browser automation vs Automation in test and Selenium
  • History of automation in test
  • UI Automation and the environment it operates in
  • Introduction to Selenium and how it works
  • The ‘Object life cycle’ in UI automation and areas to take care of at each stage
  • Introduction to different methodologies, tools and techniques used in automation
  • Walk through a sample script and see all the things learned in action

Course duration

6 hours

Target audience

Folks willing to learn automation who have had limited exposure to it in the past

Pre-requisite knowledge

  • Basic pre-requisites:
    • People with basic exposure to programming and testing
  • Additional good to have:
    • Have done some form of automation before

Take Aways

  • Understand how web automation works
  • Understand the building blocks in an automation project
  • Develops a strong base for developing strong locators