About the course

Programming unfortunately is the nemesis for most testers. Often the methodology followed to teach programming pushes the students away instead of getting them more interested.

This course is designed NOT to gain expertise JUST  in coding, but develop the very core muscle used in programming – “how to think and design algorithms”. Learning a language is not the challenge, learning to think in terms of a programming structure and codify conceived solutions is the most important skill.

Course content

  • Understanding the necessity and process of the algorithm design
  • Modeling the problem
  • Writing Psuedo code
  • From pseudo code to Java
  • Basics of how code is structured
  • Datatypes, Strings, Arrays, Logical conditions and loops
  • Packages and methods
  • Intro to Classes – Evolution of how we write code, modelling the world and constructing a class
  • Basics of Classes – Types of classes and scope
  • Basics of Classes – Object oriented principles, inheritance polymorphism, encapsulation and abstraction

Course duration

12 hours


Target audience

Testers or folks with a very basic computing background who:

  • Want to learn basics of programming
  • Who have studied programming but are not using it
  • Testers wanting to get into automation, specially Selenium with Java

Pre-requisite knowledge

  • Basic pre-requisites:
    • Anyone with basic computer operating skills
  • Additional good to have:
    • Have studied basics of programming

Take Aways

  • Learn the methodology to learn programming
  • Replace the ‘I can’t code’ stigma to ‘it’s very easy’
  • Excellent grasp of the basics of classes and programming building blocks
  • Jump start to using Java