About the course

For organizations willing to use TestComplete, this course will give a quick walk through of the tool and some very useful features which can be used with it.

At the end participants would learn how to use TestComplete effectively to write basic UI automation scripts.

Course content

  • Introduction to TestComplete and TestExecute
  • TestComplete IDE and it’s components
  • Project suite and project items, variables, logs and properties
  • Test Log
    • Basics of viewing including panel, call stack, additional info and performance counters
    • Exporting and archiving
    • Customizing your test log
  • Scripting in TestComplete
    • Script structure in TestComplete
    • Code editor features walk through
    • Introduction to Code explorer
  • JavaScript
    • Introduction to JavaScript
    • Arithmetic, logical and looping operations
    • Variables, arrays and objects
    • Code structure and TestComplete related features
  • Helpful libraries
    • Becoming self-sufficient in learning operations
    • String, dates and math operations
  • Object recognition
    • Name mapping walk through
    • Advanced name mapping
    • Finding objects real-time
    • Advanced object recognition

Course duration

12 hours


Target audience

Teams willing to use TestComplete for UI automation of web or desktop applications

Pre-requisite knowledge

  • Basic pre-reqs:
    • Brief exposure to programming
  • Additional good to have:
    • Exposure to automation

Take Aways

  • Proficient in using TestComplete
  • Lean to write basic UI automation script
  • Ability to write complex functions