About the course

Once a foundation is built around programming, automation fundamentals and the technology stack involved, now we’ll talk about installing and working with the automation tools.

The first course in learning to do UI automation with Selenium. Participants will learn an easy way to create a new Selenium project and get started. By the end will be familiar with the very basic methods in Selenium and how to use them. Particular emphasis on writing good locators and effectively using chrome developer tools to do that.

Course content

  • Initial setup (Through manual before the course)
  • Creating a Maven project
  • Setting up Selenium and needed drivers
  • Basic test 1 – start and end a webdriver test
  • Object life cycle – waiting for elements
  • Object life cycle – Basic locators
  • Object life cycle – Action on elements
  • Walk through of basic methods in Selenium
  • Basic test 2 – Script one complete test case using studied methods
  • Basic debugging tips
  • More on locators
    • xpath and CSS locators introduction
    • In depth study of object properties in the DOM
    • Testing xpath  locators in Chrome
  • Basic test 3 – re-write scripts with advanced locators

Course duration

12 hours


Target audience

Willing to learn Selenium with Java and little to no exposure in the past

Pre-requisite knowledge

  • Basic pre-reqs:
    • Basics of Java
  • Additional good to have:
    • Fundamentals of automationc

Take Aways

  • Able to write a test in Selenium without a framework
  • Simple and easy way to build a Selenium project from the start
  • Introduction to basic functions of Selenium
  • Learn how to find locators, test them and use them in the code