Just completed the slide deck for my talk at Test Leadership Summer, if I have to summarize the key take away that would be:

“Think globally, act locally” – Learned from my MBA

This is the middle ground between the two extremes of test planning:

No planning:
– Teams don’t have a target vision to work towards
– Often teams spend most of their time putting out fires
– In the end not enough synergies are built and no significant progress is made

Too much planning:
– When teams plan every little activity in extreme detail
– Within weeks the plan becomes obsolete because of unforeseen circumstances

Think globally – Have a very clear vision of your target state
Act locally – Have high level plan for few months, and detailed plan sprint by sprint

That way your plan is fluid, and everyone keeps moving in the same direction, towards the target state.

How to get that plan in place, join me to find out more..