Why do folks assume test automation = people loosing jobs?

I think because elsewhere automation = loosing jobs.. let me explain:

Over the past few decades, to build efficiencies we’ve automated every mundane task we can, and has been growing exponentially ever since

And this is not limited to a specific industry, this has happened all over, finance, medical, manufacturing, services you name it

Mundae tasks that were done by humans, have been taken over by machines, from small things like a bank teller vs an ATM / deposit machines to robotics on a manufacturing assembly line

Subconsciously we end up equating this automation to test automation, and start inferring the same results

However – test automation isn’t actually automating the whole testing process, it’s actually ‘automation in test’

A major portion of testing is exploring, collaborating and thinking compared to checking, which cannot be done by a machine.

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