An important tip on working remotely:
Over communicate – 85% communication is body language which is missing on an online call
I’ve worked both sides in off shore world which taught me a lot, and one of the biggest challenge was communication
It was always so easy to mis-understand what is being said. A lot of my time was spent in clarifying what the ‘intent’ of the message was
A big reason was due to lack of physical interaction, and that’s how I realized the importance of body language
That’s why at least few times a year meeting everyone made a big difference and took care of a lot of unnecessary back and forth
To compensate for that missing 85% communication:
  • Keep the camera on where possible
  • Go the extra mile to give background on your message – use more words
  • Communicate more often and frequent
  • Try harder in building a relationship – lots of things just go away by building trust
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