We always say “Quality is a team reponsibility”,

But how do we actually make it everyone’s responsibility?

1. Everyone, that means ‘everyone’. Engineers (dev & test), the PO, Scrum master, end user and everyone in between

2. Every person is affecting quality of the product negatively or positively, regardless if they think they are or not, you’d ask how?

Every person in and around a software product is helping in shaping the outcome, quality is an inherent attribute of what we do & how we do it

3. To make every person (role) feel responsible, they should hands on contribute to quality practices at each stage

4. Dev role engineers write sensible code, do code reviews, pairing on risk analysis, write unit & component tests,

5. POs actively particiapte in designing BDD acceptance tests, test the product from a customer’s perspective

6. Tester role engineers write integration, system integration and other automated tests and to exploratory testing

7. All engineers ensure the pipeline remains green and make it a top priority to fix it as soon as it goes red

A few ways to implement ‘quality is everyone’s responsibility’

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