Traditional test strategy documents have some very non-practical headings

The one I find most amusing is ‘entry – exit’ criteria

In the world of continuous testing, – well testing is continuous, testing is not just one phase anymore..

TDD / unit tests, component tests, integration tests, contract tests.. all these are no longer phases / JIRA ticket stages an item goes through

Many of these should just be a part of your pipeline and would run automatically. If it fails,the pipeline goes red, that’s it!

So the question of having an entry & exit criteria of the testing phase is completely irrelevant.

Even with a bit waterfall’ish processes, how many times did your team enter a testing phase and exit a testing phase as described in the strategy doc? I wrote those docs a couple of times, I didn’t always look back at them..

Test strategies have to be leaner with topics the team actually can follow.

Any other typical headings you’d call out?

My version of a test strategy linked below

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