Exploratory testing is supposed to be unscripted, but that does not mean one shouldn’t use any patterns / heuristics to ‘explore’ better

There are a couple of techniques you could use, risk-based testing is one of them.

There are quite a few recommended practices & activities, one of the I learned recently was to ask others to give their suggestions.

Think of ideas like a tree with fruit, we have a couple of methods to get that fruit, but sometimes shaking the tree also helps

In our context, it’s about getting those untapped ideas which I might not be considering

A good way of doing that is to get help from a person or group of people in a time-boxed session:
– Provide some context to the problem
– Some oracles and reference material
– Giving a time-boxed window to think about all possible risks

Often you might come across some which you might not have think of.

Nothing novel here, but ‘collective’ thinking like this had not been a priority for me before.

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