“Default to open” (from how google works by Eric Schmidt)

Many of us designing platforms, gathering information / insights, generating product documentation, source code – the default state is to keep it all secure location

Then we start thinking about giving access on ‘need basis’ and ask people of ‘evidence’ why they need access

At first this may seem like common sense and harmless, but before you know you have all sorts of things under lock and key

Different project source codes, product documentation, analysis, features being developed, CI pipeline test results… and the list goes on

This stifles progress and engineers to do their job well, most of their time then is spent ‘unblocking’ themselves.

The default setting to EVERYTHING should be ‘OPEN’, not ‘CLOSED’.

Engineers in your teams are not hired to do dummy jobs like building walls, they are hired to THINK

And if you want to help them take good decisions, they need to be exposed to first hand information / stats & figures.

To have true autonomy, you should have free flow of information.

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