Getting consensus around a test strategy is done best by designing it in collaboration with the team.

Sometimes the most experienced person in testing or software quality is given the responsibility, They’ll put together a strategy based on best practices they feel should be followed

The problem:
1. There is no shared sense of responsibility across the team, which makes this ‘my’ test strategy, not ‘our’ test strategy
2. The best practice we thought of might not always be the most appropriate
3. The target vision should be set, however how to get there will be an iterative process, is should evolve collectively as we move along

I prefer to set a target vision of where we want to be. The steps to get there will be taken:
1. Collaboratively
2. One step at a time
3. And the approach will evolve as we test and learn

Improving your quality engineering processes is going to an ‘evolution’, don’t make it a ‘revolution’ !

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