An alternative way to look at Automation ROI:

1. How many people are using the automation results
2. Ownership of automated tests running in the pipeline

This was shared by Melissa Tondi today at a Tech talk session organized at Emirates, I was so happy she accepted the invitation.

She shared her experience around Quality engineering in the DevOps world, and what an amazing session it was, I’ve been getting messages the whole day about the session!

Back to ROI, we usually calculate it by saying how many hours saved, which I’ve always had an issue with

I liked the idea to step away from ‘hours saved’ and focus on utility & adoption of automation.

It’s about time we stop having to prove automation is needed, and instead focus on measuring: ‘is it helping us’.

If automation is an integral part of our decision making process, and a failure there is treated like the ‘Andon cord’, then it’s working or us!

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