Am I the only one to feel the word ‘tester’ is synonymous to ‘being non-technical’?

Many testers are just basic users of technology

And feel no obligation in learning the magic happening behind the scene

Testing software is not like quality control for flip flops

The complexity and its impact on people’s lives requires a tester to know how the software is working

And test across the technology stack according to the architecture

That does not mean you need to be ‘Elon Musk’ type technical,

But you should know the control flow of data from the front end into the DB and back in front of the user

I have a few theories on how testers traditionally thought to be ‘absolved’ of being technical, which is for a later discussion

But one of my values I stand for is ‘Technological Advancement’

One of the three aspects that would distinguish the ‘Next generation tester’