To couple your framework tighty or loosely, that’s the question!

And here is my thought:

The first answer straight away is – loosely coupled off course,

Which is true, but how loosely?

The answer would be highly dependent on the context and usage, so there is no single answer.

Here are some general considerations to think about:

– Configurability
– Maintainability
– Reusability
– Robustness
– Scalability

Unforunately, most of these are polar opposites
– Reusability / configurability vs maintainability
– scalabiliy vs robustness
– configurability vs robustness

The trick is to strike the right balance between these factors,

Which would depend on the context and usage.

To give an example, a common one which I always mention is configurable vs robust,

As you add more features to your application / framework and make it more configurable,

It is bound to be more prone to errors and unknown states in the system.

That’s why we have the McCabe complexity measurement..

Anything else you would consider to determine how loosely your product / framework coupling should be?

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