A recent question I got asked:

How to combine Web & mobile UI automation frameworks together?

Now there will be no one size fits all answer here, but here’s what my experience has been:

1. Most teams try to run every test through selenium, and then the same through mobile (Appium, XCUITest etc..)

And that is the biggest problem – don’t have a lot of tests running there, most of you testing should be completed on your services level

2. Depending on your product, there might not be a lot of synergies between the tests you have on web & mobile, keep an eye out

3. Keep your frameworks very modularized, every component can be reusable

4. The utils layer can be shared across both frameworks, can have it as a separate project, added to the web & UI ones

5. Similarly test data / configs should be in sharable format. My favorite is JSON structures & config files

6. Having both web & mobile tests within the same project might not be a bad idea either.

FYI – Google maintains one code repo for all products. But be careful, if you don;t structure your product well you’ll run into trouble – Make sure everything is loosely coupled

These are few on top of my head, anything else you can think of?

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