One of the toughest jobs in an organization is change management

Because we humans don’t like going out of our comfort zone, but it’s equally important..

Those who don’t change will die out, no matter how big they are,

But how to change? I’m no expert but here’s what one of my Guru’s taught me:

“Culture always comes from the top, Change the person at the top, and the effect will trickle down”

To change one person’s mind is easier than changing many at the same time

I know that’s easier said than done, and many of us have thought at some point “I might as well argue with a wall than this person”,

But whenever I’ve tried to push change from the bottom up, it has never worked.

A note to the wise, when building a team, don’t let the culture just grow like a mushroom,

Once formed will be very hard to change, so make sure you’re consciously building the right one.