Test strategy Problems

Traditionally test strategy ‘documents’ used to have mountains of information, a lot of which wasn’t really used practically. They were all great writing in theory but hardly followed.

Then sometimes we pivot to not writing a test strategy at all, since these documents aren’t of much use. But we have this feeling of missing we are missing something. Ever had the feeling of a lot of ideas in your head, but since we can’t see them on paper, our sixth sense keep’s telling us ‘we are missing something’.

What was needed

I had always wished to have a test strategy which:

  • Would consolidate all testing related things we need to consider across the STLC
  • What should be the direction and vision of testing
  • What to focus on testing & where?
  • What to automate and how?
  • Some practices / references engineers can refer to in day to day practice

The Agile test strategy mind map

While helping multiple teams transform their ways of working and training them, I came up with a mind map to summarize all key areas of a test strategy which was:

  • Concise – To the point information
  • Complete – Covering important areas teams transforming into DevOps ways of working should consider
  • Easy to read & maintain – In the form of a mind map so readers can see the whole land scape at once

That’s how the “Agile Test Strategy Mind Map” came into being

To get a high-resolution image with finer details click on the link below:

Agile Test Strategy Mind Map

Snapshot of the Agile Test Strategy Mind Map: