In an ideal world:

  • At what stage should you have automation and exploratory testing?
  • What testing practices will help us reduce number of issues & identify issues quicker?
  • What testing / quality related KPIs should we measure?

A test strategy is expected to answer many of these questions

Typical old school test strategies usually don’t speak directly to these pain points and are difficult to develop, use & maintain. To help teams design a test strategy that helps them TRANSFORM their practices over time – I designed the ‘DevOps Test Strategy Mindmap’ – DTSM

How to develop ‘collective’ ownership of quality?

One way is having a test strategy that speaks to everyone on the team. Every action taken by anyone in the team contributes to quality, knowingly or unknowingly, positively or negatively.

So it’s important to develop ways of working which improve quality of the product. In this talk I’m introducing a test strategy that accomplishes just that.

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